As demographics change, the structures of the past must give way to the needs of the future. Winzinger can handle demolition of buildings, bridges and other structures safely and efficiently, while providing a full range of complementary services.

Winzinger has played a major role in the revitalization of several urban areas-most notably, Atlantic City, where our demolition crews cleared the way for almost all of the new casino/hotel complexes. Additional phases of our projects included basement excavation and dewatering, replacement of sidewalk and curbing, removal and replacement of outdated underground utilities and construction of new roads.

Renewal projects in Camden, Philadelphia and other major cities, as well as our work on the Bayonne Bridge have given us an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in gutting and controlled demolition under a variety of conditions. With expert scheduling and precision, we handle projects as small as a two-car garage or as large as a 25-story building with equal ease. We are particularly skilled at performing complex jobs in busy commercial areas, which require careful planning and close work with municipal agencies in addition to a high degree of technical know-how.