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JoAnn Winzinger

(P) 609-267-8600 #0

Audrey Winzinger

(P) 609-267-8600 #16

R.T. Winzinger
Project Manager

(P) 609-267-8600

Demolition & Site Work Contracts

William Challender
Site Work Project Manager

Handles all aspects of our Site Work Contracts

(P) 609-267-8600 #31

(C) 609-685-7175

Patrick Creelman
Demolition Project Manager

Handles all aspects of our Demolition Work Contracts

(P) 609-267-8600 #32

(C) 609-381-0563

Dawn Goldman
Administrative Assistant

Handles all administrative aspects of our Contract Division

(P) 609-267-8600 #33


Lisa Grosmick  / Linda Winzinger
Recycling Manager/Sales

Handles all of the ordering and pricing for the Recycling Division

(P) 609-267-8600 #10 or 856-694-1887 Lisa

(C) 609-685-7176 Linda

Lisa Grosmick
Franklinville Facility Contact

Handles all Truck Drivers & Deliveries out of the facility

(P) 856-694-1887


Linda Winzinger
Dumpster Manager

Handles all Scheduling Orders and Pick Ups of Dumpsters

(C) 609-685-7176

Kelly Green
Accounts Manager

Handles all Company Accounts

(P) 609-267-8600 #20

Debbie Shoulders
Payroll/Human Resources

Handles all Payroll and Insurance Information

(P) 609-267-8600 #27